Re: [gundam] [WANTED] Spare MG AEUG Gundam Mk.II

Gus Jae (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 22:01:01 -0000

For the clear visor, someone actually used a piece from a Mountain Dew
plastic bottle. Came out pretty good.
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> > > can make a passable Nemo-type GM with some heavy re-coloring and a
> > > scratchbuilt head-visor, but I would really like to do it with the MG
> > how would u do a scratch-built transparent part? i m wondering if i
> > make a transparent green visor on the 08MST GM.
> Well, some model-railroad places carry flexible flourescent plastic
> tubes and sheets for making custom lights and signs and stuff. Plus I just
> picked up Wave's sets of visor-eyes and I think I might be able to use
> some of those parts as well! Another simpler alternative is to go to
> wallmart and stroll through their pens-aisle, they often have garishly
> colored pink and green transparent pens that could be cut-up to make a
> visor, etc.
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