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Y. Choe asks,

>Question. How useful is the Guncannon is Space Really?!? After all, the
>extreme recoil would making piloting the damn thing really REALLY hard you
>know. Is it safe to assume that the thing has enough thrust to counteract
>the recoil (if the damn cannon is used in space), or can one pilot use the
>recoil to his advantage?

  Incongruously, the effects don't seem as extreme in space. Perhaps the
Guncannon's software is designed to balance it, either by aligning the
mobile suit and cannons so that the recoil lines up with its center of mass
(so that it's merely pushed backwards rather than spinning), or by firing
the thrusters to counter the recoil... or either, depending on the

  At any rate, the GM Cannon uses a rocket launcher rather than a
shell-firing cannon, so it doesn't have these recoil problems. Ditto for
most mobile suit bazookas.

-- Mark

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