RE: [gundam] More MG news

Y. Choe (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 17:21:39 -0800

> > firing the cannons. When Amuro pilots it, he's able to do
> > some pretty crazy
> > manuevers by using the cannon recoil to "jump" backwards...
> Amuro is Amuro. He is the Hero, and he gets away with the capability of
> doing Hero stunts.

And forget not, Amuro is NewType, but that don't explain it all too well,
don't it.

Question. How useful is the Guncannon is Space Really?!? After all, the
extreme recoil would making piloting the damn thing really REALLY hard you
know. Is it safe to assume that the thing has enough thrust to counteract
the recoil (if the damn cannon is used in space), or can one pilot use the
recoil to his advantage?

Y. Choe

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