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Y. Choe (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 17:15:07 -0800

> >I believe the price of the upcoming Dom was about Y4000, is this
> true? Thats
> >almost double the price of other MGs. Can we expect it to be as
> massive as
> >the GP02?
> It should be... if not even bigger! If you look at episode 2 of
> 0083, there
> was a shot where Gato's making the getaway with a Dom Tropen and the other
> suit, and the Dom Tropen appeared much larger than the GP-02A.

But then again, both suits were flanked by Xammel, the other mobile suit,
that dwarves just about anything else in the entire batlefield. But the Dom
is pretty massive itself, especially its torso and its hover lovin' foot of
Domness. I suspect the foot area will have a helluva lot of detaling.

And my official reaction to mini-MGs... Only Cartman like euphmesim can do
justice, so in your own best Cartman Voice, say it with me:

"Kick Ass!"

IF that is too harsha a word, there are others,

"Beef Cake!" or the ever present "Sweet!"

Now, All I'll ask for is the 1/144 treatment of RX-78-2 that is better than
the HG version, or a GM for that matter.

Not-Mini Y. Choe

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