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Chien Ting Chin writes,

>That's what I am hoping for too. In a way, I think Gouf-Custom is
>essentially very close to the old classic. The proportions were adjusted,
>but most of the design motifs (with the exception of knees and feet) were

  Yep. In effect, it's the Gouf revamped to match Katoki's Zaku F2 from
Gundam 0083. I thought it was very cute that he did it in the 0083 style,
rather than trying to match the 08th MS Team "look" for the Zaku. ;-)

>Did Katoki do the 08MST models?

  Nope, but he designed the 08th MS Team Gouf (and the Gouf Flight Type),
and he's always very attentive to the details of how the designs are going
to work as models.

>HAHAHAHAHA, I love that pose, precisely because it's NOT cool. But very
>very realistic, no?

  You bet! In the classic MSV books, the Guncannon's shell-firing cannons
are said to be one of its major drawbacks, due to the massive recoil. In
fact, if you watch the movies, you'll see that the Guncannon is almost
always crawling, crouching, bracing itself, or falling flat on its ass when
firing the cannons. When Amuro pilots it, he's able to do some pretty crazy
manuevers by using the cannon recoil to "jump" backwards...

-- Mark

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