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On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
> As for sticking to the classics, I know Katoki will simply HAVE to do
> some updating here and there, just to make it look good. If he updates it
> like the Gouf-Custom was updated (what I'm expecting), then it will

That's what I am hoping for too. In a way, I think Gouf-Custom is
essentially very close to the old classic. The proportions were adjusted,
but most of the design motifs (with the exception of knees and feet) were

Did Katoki do the 08MST models?

> Cool! Though I can live without the "MS Cow" firing posture.

HAHAHAHAHA, I love that pose, precisely because it's NOT cool. But very
very realistic, no?

> > Actually, 8MST Guntank came out from B-Club few days ago, I think.
> Yeah, but I want an affordable injection plastic one!

me too!

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