Re: [gundam] Amuro's secret?

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 14:55:08 -0700 (MST)

> Yep, and this suggests a third possibility: That the identities of Amuro
> and the White Base crew were neither suppressed nor publicized, and that
> the Federation PR attributed their victories to the might of Federation
> super science. Thus, Amuro's talents and the possibility that he is a
> newtype would be of interest only to fringe elements who have their own
> agenda to promote.

  Right, conspiracy enthusiasts ("The Federation is ruled by a Newtype
Elite Cabal! Look, their super-pilot of the 1YW was a Newtype!"),
spacenoid apologists ("Only a Newtype Ubermensh could defeat Zeon, not the
wimpy federation!") Mecha Buffs ("The Gundam had a power output of four
hundred kilowatts, two side-by-side plasma jets, a four-liter deuterium
tank, and was piloted by a green pilot, Amuro Rei!") etc.

  I guess the Fed's problem is:
        1. They needed to promote the fact that they could win the war
        2. The White Base was doing some pretty dramatic stuff, but
        3. They didn't want the public to know how much they let the
        White Base "Hang out to Dry"

  It's hard to make heroes out of people you treated like they were almost
expendable early in the war! Better to pump up the technology they were
fielding, and keep the details about the people and their NT-i-ness quiet.
"The PILOT of the Gundam? Oh, a highly trained Federation Soldier, best of
the best, etc. Next question!"

> Still doesn't explain the Haro toy, but maybe it sold really badly as
> result. I note that Camille, presumably the target age group for such a
> toy, is unaware that they were released. Could the replica Haro be the Pet
> Rock of UC 0080?

 GRIN, that is kinda funny. Who knows, it might be produced by some sort
of fringe-company or a company based on one of the sides or colonies where
the legend of Amuro might have gained some stregnth. After all, just
because he's unknown on Earth doesn't mean there aren't some colonies out
there where he's considered a sort of 'local hero' or 'cult-figure'!


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