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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 12:15:15 -0700 (MST)

> What are the odds of these ever seeing an MG release, though? The

  Zero, zippo, none at all!

> justify MG treatment. Frankly, after doing the no-brainers like the
> Gundam, Z Gundam, Mk. II, Zaku, Gelgoog, et al. the line may be getting
> tapped out. The rest of the mobile suits that are beloved enough to get
> this treatment - The O, the Qubeley, the Sazabi - would be too friggin'
> expensive.

  Not to mention _complex_!
  I totally agree... if it takes Bandai two years to make _one_friggin_ MG
Dom robot, I would much rather they spend their time making all the
classics we all want in a smaller scale. Besides, it's alot easier to
modify 1/144 mecha with lots of leftover 1/144 scale parts and weapons
from other kits than it is to do so with the old-style MG kits they've
been producing lately!

> Frankly, after doing the Type 100 and ZZ - to complete the Gundam Team
> - I wouldn't be surprised to see the MG line winding down. The new 1/144
> line means we'll still have nice kits of classic mobile suits to look
> forward to.

  I think the MG line is effectively dying out right now, they're just
cranking a bunch of color variations and mildly retooled models, hardly
what I had envisioned the MG line to be about! I wonder if the PG line has
sucked away too much of Bandai's resources and is the reason why they're
devoting so much less time to the MGs? After all, since the 'older
nostalgic modeller' is their target audience with the MGs, those same
older modellers are snapping up the PGs left and right, so why not spend
the time milking them for all they're worth? Bandai would have to produce
FOUR new Mastergrade kits to get as much money as from the sales of just
ONE PG kit, so it makes more economic sense to come out with a single PG
every year rather than four new MG designs! After all, it takes alot less
time to 'upscale' a MG to PG size and throw in some internal components.

> >Weird... I think the Zaku I is getting a bunch of accesories it shouldn't
> >have at all. The only reason it got all these toys was because Bandai had
> Hey, last week you were complaining because it wouldn't have any
> accessories...

  Some people are never satisfied, what can you do?

> The G-3 is physically identical, just differently colored. A Prototype
> Gundam set would be neat, though... let alone a Full Armor.

  More likely to be B-Club sets I'll wager...

> >design will allow the Guncannon to go to the "fire from hands-and-knees"
> Maybe so. I'm sure it'll be quite poseable - Katoki always figures this
> into his designs.

  Yeah! Though that particular pose is extreemely silly looking to me!

> >the next few should be: Jiong, Zugock, Guntank. Those should sell like
> >hot cakes because they are popular designs that had never seen a good
> Sounds reasonable - especially the Zugok. I wouldn't be surprised to
> see the Acguy too, another design beloved by the Japanese fans.

  Which one is the Acguy again? I keep forgetting, it's not the one with
the rubber feet and giant head... is it? (Shiver).
  Yeah, it would be REALLY nice to see a modernized 1YW Zugock! Not as
modernized as the 0080 one mind you...

> >Zak-R's didn't really sell that well though?
> Beats me. I like 'em well enough, even if they made no attempt to color
> 'em correctly...

  Maybe they'll fix that with the black-trinary versions!

> >style. I was getting kinda dissappointed with the minimalistic props and
> >weapons included with later MGs!
> Well, the GM has a pretty good assortment - more options than the MG
> Gundam, in fact.

  That's right! But then again, the GM recycled alot of its stuff from the
Gundam... so the number of _new_ bits it sports isn't that high, right?

> > I wonder if this means it's going to be a "Limited Edition" kit?
> No, but it may be a new feature for the non-limited edition line.

  It seemed to work well for the WGEW 1/100 line, so I can see that
happening. Heck, even the Gasaraki kits now come with 1/35 sized pilots,
though it does make more sense in that case.

> > Wow, that's a _slow_ release schedule isn't it?
> Maybe they don't have a lot of mobile suits to begin with. But I must
> say, the Flat and WoDom are pretty darned cool in animation line art form

  I think I'd definately get the Walking Dome, assuming that it's going to
be redesigned a bit from Syd the Sqyd's painting. The Flat might be neat
if it does a legitimate transformation!

> > Hmm, a little sparse for $30+ isn't it? I mean, just four weapons for
> The previous custom set was an even bigger ripoff. Guess that's the
> side effect of doing stuff in such limited numbers.

  Hrm, I guess you're right! That's too bad!

> >sparked my day! Hey, think they'll do some of the 'modernized' versions of
> >mecha, like some of the 0083 designs?
> Crystal ball is murky. It would be nice, though...

  Nice? It would kick mecha BUTT!

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