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>Maybe Bandai's 'Gundam 0080 Visual Comic vol.2' can help your research.
>I browsed through my friend's rare copy 2 years ago and found that the
>book contains somewhat interesting 1YW chronology (including the events
>in 0080 OVA) on its pull-out bonus page. Check this out if you have the
>copy near you.
>And Rapport's 'Mobil [sic.] Suit Gundam : Universal Century vol.1'
>(1998.8.20, ISBN4-89799-293-1, 952yen) has the most detailed 1YW
>timeline section from page 116 to page 159. It mainly deals with the
>original TV series, but contains a few minor tidbits regarding 0080

  Unfortunately, neither of these fully matches the later and more
"official" sources. The former is actually a pretty good match - they use
the same date (12.09) for the Cyclops attack on the Arctic base, and
they're just one day ahead (12.19) for the Kaempfer attack. Plus, their
other dates are all within a day of my estimates. ;-)

  The latter, however, simply reprints the timeline from Entertainment
Bible 39. Thus we get a date of 12.14 (!) for the arctic base attack, and
all sorts of other oddities that don't match the observed passage of
time. They even screwed up the times for the Kaempfer attack and Bernie's
last sortie, which is really weird since these times are mentioned
repeatedly in the animation. Typical EB 39 sloppiness, really...

-- Mark

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