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> And on the Turn A Gundam front (or, as my friend Benjamin terms
> it, "Turn A
> Stomach")...
> 1/144 Turn A Gundam April Y500

I hear this kit appeared in Tokyo Hobby Show... as well as the trailer for
the first episode.
Comes with beam sabers (stored in the shoulder), shield, rifle.

> 1/144 Mobile Flat May Y500
> The Turn A is supposed to be hyper-detiled and -posable,
> despite its low
> price, and it includes soem sort of secret weapon hidden behind opening
> chest panels.

I also heard this is actually a missle launcher...

> Check out <> for the
> complete listings (in Japanese, natch).

I strongly suggest anyone who can read Japanese e-mail to subscribe to
G-Goods magazine from this site. It comes out about once a week, and loaded
with information.

And those of you can't, best you can hope is look at news section of GML
Archive II(, as I have permission
from the webmaster of HG web to translate the content of G-Goods Express,
but fallen quite behind (I only have stuff released this month).


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