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Thu, 25 Mar 1999 11:03:36 -0500

>> Well the GP-01Fb only used that beam rifle and beam sabers in the show
>> anyway. The GP-01, OTOH, should have come with a GM-issue spray gun...
> Huh? When did it ever use a Beam Spray Gun?

Gundam 0083, third episode. Didn't it use a rapid-fire bigass paintball gun? (I
love that paintball stuff... they did it in Macross Plus as well - it's that
much funnier when you've actually played paintball to see 20-meter tall mechs
duking it out with PB guns.) Or is the spray gun somethin' different? either
way, the paintball guns were pretty cool.

And in the second episode, when they hunted down unit 2, Keith had an extra beam
weapon for him to use - that could have been it.

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