Re: [gundam] 1/100.. The death of a scale?

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 08:25:18 -0700 (MST)

> Okay.. Now can someone tell me WHY the classic kits coming out deserve 1/144
> and not 1/100? Why not both? What is happening to 1/100? Is it dying? I mean,

  _I_ Think they deserve it, but Bandai doesn't seem to believe they have
the market draw to justify a 1/100 MG kit. Frankly, I'm running out of
room for 1/100 kits, and I imagine that most Japanese fans have an even
worse problem with space!
  I think, frankly, it's either _this_ or nothing for some of the more
obscure but cool classic designs. I'm just looking forward to anything
that looks like Katoki's cool GM-cannon-II design (the only way to get any
of that was the Micro-Gundam hybrid version.)

> no 8thMST 1/100 and now the classics will be 1/144 too! I'm sorry, but this

  Forget that, we're NEVER going to see 8MST 1/100s.

> into modeling I purchased 1/144 Wing and X's.. And was turned off by the
> quality. So I went to 1/100 and loved them ( except for the Gay-Falcon and

  The WGEWFA kits are actually pretty good, better value than the 1/100
kits in most cases, though I have all the 1/100s too.

> nice action poses, I stuck with 1/100 and said to hell with 1/144s.. Now it's
> like their killing off the whole scale!? Except for the MGs which are all just
> crappy variants now a days anyway.. I don't know about alot of you veteran
> modelers who have alotta 1/144's, but I want to see some damn upscaling!

  I dunno... I love the 1/100 models, but I've seen some really nice
1/144s lately, namely, everything using the new 1/144 jointing system
(WGEWFA, Goufs) as well as the incredible Gasaraki kits! Frankly, I lack
the space to have too many more 1/100 kits. If they can maintain a
Gasaraki or even Gouf-level of detail on this new 1/144 series I'll be

> Bandai makes me mad by putting out variants instead of well deserving MS (
> give me the Hyaku-Shiki, Rick Diaz, ReGZ Custom, NT1 Alex, Kampher, damn the

  Growl, well, I agree there. The MG line seems to be slowing down. I hope
this isn't because of all the resources being devoted to the PG line!

> list can just go on! ) and now they piss me off further by practically killing
> off the 1/100 scale.. ::sigh:: Maybe it's time I move on to other types of

  Well, I don't think THIS really kills off the 1/100, probably not even
as much as the PG line is killing the MG line.


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