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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 08:04:19 -0700 (MST)

> I wouldn't mind seeing an MG kampfer kit one bit. however, I am getting kinda

  THAT would be awesome, I'd love to see how they do the "Hip Sabers" too,
and it would be a great canidate for having ball-socketed thruster
fairings all over its body! Too cool!

> rather see an MG kit of the souped up GM from 0083 more than a sniper.

  Right, but the Powered-GM is even MORE obscure than the GM-Sniper. I
think what's more likely is to see a B-club options package for these two
GMs. A matter of fact, I would easily pay $25 for a MG options pack with
GM-sniper parts (Head, skirt, leg armor), or Power-GM parts (Backpack,
legs, lots more stuff). That's not too likely to ever happen of course.

> I was personally thinking that ANY gelgoog marine would be nice. I think the
> gelgoog was designed as a next-step up in mobile suit design, you know, sort of
> a "hey here's something we can really improve!" like it was meant to fight of
> GMs or guncannons maybe.

  Yepper. Exactly, it was made to beat the gundam!
  Yeah, a Gelgoog-Marine would seriously hit the spot, unfortunately, it's
not exactly a color variation and it would entail redesign of basically
every single armor-part on the MG-Gelgoog frame, hence I think it's
unlikely that they'd ever make it. After all, they did make the Gelgoog-A
with the Marine-styled butt-armor, that may be as far as they're willing
to go!

> >look out for? What's the "special feature" of the GM anyway?
> A mass-production custom GM - remarkable for being totally unremarkable. (I love
> that line!)

  Well, you do get basically all the MG Gundam's weapons, plus
beam-pistol, beam-pistol holster, beam bazooka 'rack', 'terminator block'
for the second saber plug-in point, shield (with forearm holster), cool
visor plate behind clear plastic, new core-engine block with cool
detailing, that kind of stuff. Personally, I think the backpack bazooka
mount and pistol holster is cool, I love the idea of a mecha that can
carry it's weapons on its body somewhere while not in use (The MG Mk.II
does this pretty cooly too!)

> > Oh yeah, before I forget.. was the Kampfer out of ammo when it
> >_finally_ met Alex? Why did it charge Alex with a beam saber instead of
> I'm gonna guess and say "yes", it was out of ammo. Either that, or the two were
> at such a close range he figured his weapons would be useless. (Then alex pulled
> out its minigun and it was all over...)

  Well, the Kampfer had fired off its Panzerfausts, and used up all of its
Bazooka shells (What, like 10 shots or so?) Vaporizing all of the MS from
the Grey Phantom on its way to fight the Gundam. It also ran very low on
shotgun shells for both of its shotguns as well. I think Misha was
expecting that the Cyclops team would have been successful in preventing
the Gundam from going online and all he'd have to do would be to stomp on
it a bit and drop some mines all over it.
  Misha, nobody's fool, wisely kept a few gundarium shotgun shells left
for the Gundam 'just in case'. Unfortunately for him, the Gundam was
wearing its fancy Chobham coat and the shells could not penetrate it. But
Misha had a backup plan and then used the chain mines, which should have
totalled just about anything. But that Damned Chobham absorbed that too!
So, he did the only intelligent thing you COULD do, zoom-in Dom style for
the kill, and saber the Gundam fast! There would have been no point using
more shotgun shells or firing off the dinky 60mm forehead guns the Kampfer
had at this point!
  Frankly, when was the last time we saw a mecha pilot in Gundam go
into battle with ANY backup plans, much less _three_? So here's to Misha,
one of the first, but certainly not one of the last, victims of Bandai's
Gundam Gimmickery!


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