Re: [gundam] stop press

Bernard Ng (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 05:39:25 PST

>hey i know to u guys
>it may mean nothing ...but as a person living in singapore
>its wonderful that something like this can happen here in singapore.
>They are showing "wing gundam"... i was so shock ... the first episode
is on channel 8 this coming saturday at 1pm... woah wat a leap for
gundam anime here ...
>*gasp* the first episode is 30 mins long.... probably dubbed in chinese

ARGHHH!!!!!! And I spent $135 on the collected set!!!!! :(
*shoot myself in the head*

Still I would be happier if they are showing V Gundam...... Then again
Wing would be more suitable for the kids.... primary colors and all :)

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