Re: [gundam] More MG news

Edward Ju (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 23:21:55 -0800

>Yeah yeah yeah, an MG Dom is nice and all, but look what just turned up on
>the Gundam HG Web site...
>Apparently, the master of Gundam merchandise rumors has confirmed a
>possibility floated in the April issue of Hobby Japan: Bandai will begin
>releasing 1/144 "renewal" versions of the older kits, downscaling MG
>production values to smaller and more affordable kits (I assume we can take
>the 08th MS Team Gouf as a preview).

Noooooo!!!!! As nice as the 08th MS Team Goufs were, I want my MGs!!!!

> First up: A 1/144 Guncannon, makeover courtesy of Hajime Katoki, priced
>at Y800 and slated for a May release. The Gyan is next, release date TBD.

This is lame! Instead of giving them the proper respect in 1/100 scale MG
glory, they are rudely shoveled to the 1/144 HG bin! I guess Japan's
economy is SERIOUSLY hurting now!

> The Black Trinary R-1A Zaku will, as Kota noted, include a bazooka - and
>apparently figures for all three team members.

All three? You got to be kidding me. I can't see Bandai resisting the idea
of packaing each of the 3 pilots in a different box so otakus will have to
buy 3 such kits!

>The Zaku I will come with a
>heat hawk, bazooka, 105mm and 120mm machine guns, and the traditional Zaku
>shoulder shield will be converted into a handheld bludgeoning device like
>that used by the Gelgoog Marine in Gundam 0083. The Black Trinary Zaku I
>will include a 1/20 figure of team leader Gaia.

Weird... I think the Zaku I is getting a bunch of accesories it shouldn't
have at all. The only reason it got all these toys was because Bandai had
to give us some reason to buy the kit.

>And on the Turn A Gundam front (or, as my friend Benjamin terms it, "Turn A
> 1/144 Turn A Gundam April Y500
> 1/144 Mobile Flat May Y500
> The Turn A is supposed to be hyper-detailed and -posable, despite its low
>price, and it includes soem sort of secret weapon hidden behind opening
>chest panels. The Flat will transform, and include a rifle not seen in the
>animation (I gather it's unarmed in the show).

It better be hyper-detailed and hyper-posable, otherwise it'll be no
different than the 70s super robot kits Bandai reissued last year...

>Last but not least, at least on the model front...
> 1/60 Perfect Gundam Custom Set 2 April Y3000
> This includes two hyper bazookas (as per the end of the series), two
>bazooka shells, the Gundam hammer, a beam javelin, and some clear parts
>omitted from the previous custom set.

Interesting... no G3 or 78-1 armor still?!


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