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>well I just HAVE to bring up a point now. I noticed when I got my VF-1A kit
>of the 1/72 ones) that the body was in tan plastic, and the head was in white
>plastic. The catch? well, most of the body needs painted white, and most of the
>head needs to be tan. sigh. as for the weird colors on a VII, well... take my

        Yeah, it gets even worst when you want them in Skull Squadron
colours.. =)

>previous example, for example. I'm dreading getting this VF-1D in and seeing it
>all in orange plastic or something. (ewww... orange. You know it really got me
>kinda steamed when I realized the "yellow" gundam marker is actually
>yellow-orange. still, it doesn't look too bad.) You wouldn't happen to be
>interested in selling one of those kits, would ya? or did you already put 'em
>both together?
        Nah. the first one was a condemmed piece, the second is the
replacement which I haven't gotten around to yet. I think I stillc an lay my
hands on one or two undone kits though.

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