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>>yeah, but people complained about the g-defensor unit too. Besides, there's a
>>b-club kit if people want the orchid that badly... the 1/144 GP03 didn't have
>And then there's the... 1/250 or 1/550 scale resin kit of the whole GP-03...
>hundreds of dollars for it. Even if they scale a MG GP-03 down to 250 or
>550 the kit will probably still end up selling for 12,000 yen or more.
>And once they have a non-1/100 scale MG kit, MG Bigzam is only a matter of

heheh, all I want is the gundam. The platform was nice, but it would be way too
expensive. (besides, unit three looked cool without the armor!)

>>Okay, by GP04 I'll guess that you mean the Gundam unit three and the Orchis
>>armor? or is it something else entirely? (gawd, imagine the box for that
>>and the assembly time! that would be so COOL!)
>The GP-04 is a "what-if" design, since the Gerbera Tetra was supposed to be
>GP-04 chasis with new, Zionic-looking armor plating. The now-accepted
>design by a certain artist (forgot his name) was used by B Club when they
>released a resin kit of it, and I believe Dengeki Hobby recently ran a side
>bar of it (probably the April issue). the design is very elegant and very
>compatible with its predecessors in the GP series.

I see. thanks for the NFO.

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