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> I bought 2 Valk IIs. It's in no way comparable to a Gundam kit, not
>even the old HG (those System-Injection kits are still the best, IMHO... at
>least till the MGs came out..). Still, it's an easy kit to put together
>(you'll need a screwdriver though), but the problem is that the kit comes
>in, well, a funny colour.. white and ,erm, khaki? a yellowish green that
>_sort of_ resembles the anime colours. But all the other details you'll have
>to paint on, and I'm not that good. Compared to the 1/72 Valks from Macross,
>this is a breeze to put together.

well I just HAVE to bring up a point now. I noticed when I got my VF-1A kit (one
of the 1/72 ones) that the body was in tan plastic, and the head was in white
plastic. The catch? well, most of the body needs painted white, and most of the
head needs to be tan. sigh. as for the weird colors on a VII, well... take my
previous example, for example. I'm dreading getting this VF-1D in and seeing it
all in orange plastic or something. (ewww... orange. You know it really got me
kinda steamed when I realized the "yellow" gundam marker is actually
yellow-orange. still, it doesn't look too bad.) You wouldn't happen to be
interested in selling one of those kits, would ya? or did you already put 'em
both together?

> P.S. Just got my hands on a 1/100 Defender kit. Yah! \(^_^)/ Now to
>look for a Spartan kit.... anyone knows whether Arii ever came out with a
>Tomahawk kit? =)

I know bandai had one, but not anymore. (out of print I think.) I don't remember
if I've seen a tomahawk kit before though, there's a hobby store nearby that
gets them in on occasion, and if there had been one, I probably woulda bought

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