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>>>Alex. (Well, it'd be pretty cool with the extra armor plating, along with
>>>the kick-ass minigun...)
>>Not to mention that it's also the true "transition form" between the
>>original RX-78 Gundam and the RX-178 Gundam Mk.II....
> Come to think of it, if they come out with a MG Alex, won't Bandai
>do a MG Zaku FZ? Or, more to the point, a MG Kampfer? or maybe a MG GM
>Sniper.. damn, the list seems to just keep growing.. =)... MG Hygog, MG etc.

I wouldn't mind seeing an MG kampfer kit one bit. however, I am getting kinda
tired of all these zakus running around my "local import shop." I think I'd
rather see an MG kit of the souped up GM from 0083 more than a sniper.

> Another one on my wish list is Cima's Gelgoog Marine Commander
>type.. preferably in her colours. =). oh right, which Fed MS was the Gelgoog
>suppose to be used against?

I was personally thinking that ANY gelgoog marine would be nice. I think the
gelgoog was designed as a next-step up in mobile suit design, you know, sort of
a "hey here's something we can really improve!" like it was meant to fight of
GMs or guncannons maybe.

> BTW, anyone did the MG GM yet? any comments? any particular bugs to
>look out for? What's the "special feature" of the GM anyway?

A mass-production custom GM - remarkable for being totally unremarkable. (I love
that line!)

> Oh yeah, before I forget.. was the Kampfer out of ammo when it
>_finally_ met Alex? Why did it charge Alex with a beam saber instead of
>shooting it?
>Lim Jyue
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I'm gonna guess and say "yes", it was out of ammo. Either that, or the two were
at such a close range he figured his weapons would be useless. (Then alex pulled
out its minigun and it was all over...)

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