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At 01:07 3/23/99 -0800, you wrote:
>The closest thing is the Valkyrie II from Macross II. It's a snap-
>together kit, but quality is still not as good as the Gundam kits that
>came out around the same time period.

        Just noticed this mail. (^_^")

        I bought 2 Valk IIs. It's in no way comparable to a Gundam kit, not
even the old HG (those System-Injection kits are still the best, IMHO... at
least till the MGs came out..). Still, it's an easy kit to put together
(you'll need a screwdriver though), but the problem is that the kit comes
in, well, a funny colour.. white and ,erm, khaki? a yellowish green that
_sort of_ resembles the anime colours. But all the other details you'll have
to paint on, and I'm not that good. Compared to the 1/72 Valks from Macross,
this is a breeze to put together.

        P.S. Just got my hands on a 1/100 Defender kit. Yah! \(^_^)/ Now to
look for a Spartan kit.... anyone knows whether Arii ever came out with a
Tomahawk kit? =)

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