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On Wed, 24 Mar 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:
> releasing 1/144 "renewal" versions of the older kits, downscaling MG
> production values to smaller and more affordable kits (I assume we can take
> the 08th MS Team Gouf as a preview).

Ahem... excuse me while I go nuts...



Honestly this is the first piece of exciting news in a long time. You may
know me as the opiniated one who get pissed by this and that. But I am
finally excited about something! Somebody pinch me!

> First up: A 1/144 Guncannon, makeover courtesy of Hajime Katoki, priced

How appropriate that the Guncannon is the first one! That tells me that
what they have in mind is exactly what I have been hoping for: a (nearly)
complete 0079 line of decent quality models at any scale. That it happens
to be 1/144 and affordable is a super bonus. I have been collecting 1/144
scale because it's really the only complete line. The Guncannon is an
important MS that will never see an MG treatment. I wonder if this new
design will allow the Guncannon to go to the "fire from hands-and-knees"
pose that Amuro used so effectively when he fended off Ranba Ral.

Gann is a good choice too. If they are really doing what I have in mind,
the next few should be: Jiong, Zugock, Guntank. Those should sell like
hot cakes because they are popular designs that had never seen a good
model. The other path to take is of course to scale down the MGs, so
Gelgoog, Zaku, Gundam, GM, and Dom (if it does come out in June). Can I
pipedream about some obscure releases? How about Luggon (the Zeon recon
plane), Dopp (the wimpy Zeon fighter), Gallop (Ranba Ral's land ship),
Papua (old Zeon supply ship) and Gunpellie (the transport that White Base
carries around while on Earth)?

If they do a fairly complete line, there would be about 12-20 models. That
will make me so happy (and poor) you won't believe it! Sigh... they
probably won't devote that much manpower to redesign the models and carve
the new molds and all that. There's no way they will dump 12 HG models
AND a PG AND 4 or 5 MGs into the market within a year. And who knows how
low the interest level will drop after the 20th Anniversary Big Bang Orgy

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