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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 18:29:45 -0700 (MST)

> possibility floated in the April issue of Hobby Japan: Bandai will begin
> releasing 1/144 "renewal" versions of the older kits, downscaling MG
> production values to smaller and more affordable kits (I assume we can take
> the 08th MS Team Gouf as a preview).

  And the 8MST Zaku too!
  YeeeHHAHAAAAWWWW! This is the series Probe has been DREAMING of for

> First up: A 1/144 Guncannon, makeover courtesy of Hajime Katoki, priced
> at Y800 and slated for a May release. The Gyan is next, release date TBD.

  NO WAY MAN! THis is too damn good to be true! I can't believe it! After
all these years... (Sob) No way, I can't believe it, Bandai's never been
this nice to its fans (sob)... sorry, I'm just getting a little emotional
here. Really? The Guncannon Katoki style? (Swoon)

> In other words, we're going to get super-nice reworkings of classic mobile
> suits that Bandai couldn't justify reincarnating as Master Grade kits. Too
> awesome!

  TOO COOL! I can't believe they're really doing it. I hope the success of
the Gasaraki kits tipped them off that there was a BIG market for
"Mini-MG" type kits.

> 1/100 MG Zaku I (Black Trinary) May Y2500
> 1/100 MG Zaku R-1A (Black Trinary) June Y2500

  Wierd how this color variation took so long to come out. I heard the
Zak-R's didn't really sell that well though?

> The Black Trinary R-1A Zaku will, as Kota noted, include a bazooka - and

  Regular 240mm 'zook?

> apparently figures for all three team members. The Zaku I will come with a

  How can you tell? I mean, I'm assuming they're going to be in 1/100

> heat hawk, bazooka, 105mm and 120mm machine guns, and the traditional Zaku
> shoulder shield will be converted into a handheld bludgeoning device like
> that used by the Gelgoog Marine in Gundam 0083. The Black Trinary Zaku I

   Very interesting, so they're making up for its plainness with weapons,
it's nice to see that they're going back to the original-MG megaweapon
style. I was getting kinda dissappointed with the minimalistic props and
weapons included with later MGs!

> will include a 1/20 figure of team leader Gaia.

  Like the anniversary gundams!
  I wonder if this means it's going to be a "Limited Edition" kit?

> And on the Turn A Gundam front (or, as my friend Benjamin terms it, "Turn A
> Stomach")...
> 1/144 Turn A Gundam April Y500
> 1/144 Mobile Flat May Y500

  Wow, that's a _slow_ release schedule isn't it?

> The Turn A is supposed to be hyper-detailed and -posable, despite its low
> price, and it includes soem sort of secret weapon hidden behind opening

  I keep hearing it's going to have all sorts of opening hatches.
Hopefully one of those hatches will cover over it's butt-ugly faceplate!

> chest panels. The Flat will transform, and include a rifle not seen in the
> animation (I gather it's unarmed in the show).

  Makes sense. I might pick up the Flat if it's been Katokized a bit
and/or if it's got a really cool transformation. (I.e., I'll shout if all
it does is flop on its belly, stick out its arms, and curl its knees. Ooh,
a transformer!)

> Last but not least, at least on the model front...
> 1/60 Perfect Gundam Custom Set 2 April Y3000
> This includes two hyper bazookas (as per the end of the series), two
> bazooka shells, the Gundam hammer, a beam javelin, and some clear parts
> omitted from the previous custom set.

  Hmm, a little sparse for $30+ isn't it? I mean, just four weapons for
the price of a MG kit?

> year, will feature new cut scene animation and new props like the Ez-8,
> GP02A, and originals like Ranba Ral's Gelgoog (I hope we get the Apsaras as
> well!).

  Hey, thanks for the report! Those MG-ized classic reissues really
sparked my day! Hey, think they'll do some of the 'modernized' versions of
mecha, like some of the 0083 designs?


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