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Yeah yeah yeah, an MG Dom is nice and all, but look what just turned up on
the Gundam HG Web site...

Apparently, the master of Gundam merchandise rumors has confirmed a
possibility floated in the April issue of Hobby Japan: Bandai will begin
releasing 1/144 "renewal" versions of the older kits, downscaling MG
production values to smaller and more affordable kits (I assume we can take
the 08th MS Team Gouf as a preview).

  First up: A 1/144 Guncannon, makeover courtesy of Hajime Katoki, priced
at Y800 and slated for a May release. The Gyan is next, release date TBD.
In other words, we're going to get super-nice reworkings of classic mobile
suits that Bandai couldn't justify reincarnating as Master Grade kits. Too

Also listed on the HG Web site's upcoming goods page are the aforementioned
new MG releases...

  1/100 MG Zaku I May Y2500
  1/100 MG Zaku I (Black Trinary) May Y2500
  1/100 MG Zaku R-1A (Black Trinary) June Y2500
  1/100 MG Dom June Y4000?

  The Black Trinary R-1A Zaku will, as Kota noted, include a bazooka - and
apparently figures for all three team members. The Zaku I will come with a
heat hawk, bazooka, 105mm and 120mm machine guns, and the traditional Zaku
shoulder shield will be converted into a handheld bludgeoning device like
that used by the Gelgoog Marine in Gundam 0083. The Black Trinary Zaku I
will include a 1/20 figure of team leader Gaia.

And on the Turn A Gundam front (or, as my friend Benjamin terms it, "Turn A

  1/144 Turn A Gundam April Y500
  1/144 Mobile Flat May Y500

  The Turn A is supposed to be hyper-detailed and -posable, despite its low
price, and it includes soem sort of secret weapon hidden behind opening
chest panels. The Flat will transform, and include a rifle not seen in the
animation (I gather it's unarmed in the show).

Last but not least, at least on the model front...

  1/60 Perfect Gundam Custom Set 2 April Y3000

  This includes two hyper bazookas (as per the end of the series), two
bazooka shells, the Gundam hammer, a beam javelin, and some clear parts
omitted from the previous custom set.

Also noted are Hobby Japan's Z Gundam RPG and White Base board game, the
Blind Target comic compilation, Kadokawa's Gundam Episode Guide, and
Mediaworks' hundred-dollar compendium of all Gundam line art ever. The
first Gundam game for the Dreamcast is tentatively scheduled for June. The
PlayStation version of Giren's Greed, which may show up by the end of the
year, will feature new cut scene animation and new props like the Ez-8,
GP02A, and originals like Ranba Ral's Gelgoog (I hope we get the Apsaras as

  Check out <> for the
complete listings (in Japanese, natch).

-- Mark

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