Re: [gundam] Amuro's secret?

Mark Simmons (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 15:16:52 -0800

Probe writes,

> It's entirely possible (as was done in some recent wars in the US) that
>the Fed exploited the exploits of the White-Base with propoganda like:
>"The Federation Gundam is the most technologically advanced weapon on the
>battlefield, witness how just one of these awesome weapons can destroy
>three Zeon Zakus with ease! Do you want to pilot Gundam? You can, in the
>Earth Federation Space Forces! Join now!"

  Yep, and this suggests a third possibility: That the identities of Amuro
and the White Base crew were neither suppressed nor publicized, and that
the Federation PR attributed their victories to the might of Federation
super science. Thus, Amuro's talents and the possibility that he is a
newtype would be of interest only to fringe elements who have their own
agenda to promote.

  Still doesn't explain the Haro toy, but maybe it sold really badly as
result. I note that Camille, presumably the target age group for such a
toy, is unaware that they were released. Could the replica Haro be the Pet
Rock of UC 0080?

-- Mark

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