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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 15:09:36 -0700 (MST)

> >variation on these. (You know, would it have killed them to do a Zetaplus
> Sure, but point me to a single piece that could be repurposed without
> modification. The waist segments, maybe? The hands? Um...

  Maybe the head? Forearms? Hrm... maybe not. Sheesh.

> > I'll actually be kinda upset if they do a Gelgoog-JG now, after I've
> As with the GM dilemma, the Okawara redesign of the JG pretty much
> precludes adapting it into a satisfactory Jaeger. The new skirt armor on
> the A-type Gelgoog was clearly designed to help out people who wanted to
> kitbash it into a Gelgoog Marine, but after that you're on your own.

  Yeah, that's what I was expecting, the designs are pretty darn
different, and I don't quite see how you could have a moving inner segment
on the torso of the JG given its design.
  On the other hand, because of the huge armor pieces on the Gelgoog, all
they'd really have to do is change maybe four sprues of parts.

> >it since the MS itself never did a whole lot. Maybe a giant poison gas
> >tank for it? (Laughs)
> Actually, you do see a Zaku I with a poison gas rocket launcher in a
> flashback in episode 7 of 08th MS Team...

  Heh heh heh, cute!

> >(Grumble). I wonder what I can do with it... Are the Knees at least
> >well-made?
> The knees are okay, but those ankles are gonna give you trouble.

  Growl! I'll see what I can do.

> The green color is, as I think I mentioned before, pretty much identical
> to the aqua used on the Gundam Griepe and Gunblaster. The red is a sort of
> cherry-red, less crimson than the color you typically see on Gundams. I

  Well, that isn't too bad at all! As long as the plastic doesn't seem too
transparent it should be okay I guess.

> There's a detailed visor plate that goes behind the visor, but it's cast
> in dark gray plastic, so it's hard to see without the right light and

  Nice, I'll just get my silver calligraphy pen out and ink in some of
those details in bright chrome, that should help, eh? No "Moving Eyes"
inside there, right!

> >whole-hog to the full linear frame motif! Oh well... any electronic lights
> >and stuff?
> I think the mono-eye is supposed to light up.

  Ah, big deal...

> Yep, exactly. As for the hatches... I recall seeing hatches for the knee
> and elbow blocks, the backs of the calves, the top of the head, the chest,
> pelvis, and backpack... perhaps it's not quite as hatch-riddled as the
> Gundam, or perhaps it has more on the torso and fewer on the limbs.

  Hmm... well, I guess that's okay, but I don't think it's different
significantly enough from the MG to make it worth my while. Oh well, maybe
the next PG!

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