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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 15:03:02 -0700 (MST)

> >If everybody knows who Amuro is (witness references to him in other series,
> But they don't, do they? I don't believe he's mentioned by name in

  That's right!
  From what I remember, they simply called him "The Gundam's Pilot". It's
interesting, it almost seems to imply that the Federation deliberately
de-personalized the war as propoganda and instead concentrated on the
toy-merchandising (I.e., hardware-propoganda).
  It's entirely possible (as was done in some recent wars in the US) that
the Fed exploited the exploits of the White-Base with propoganda like:
"The Federation Gundam is the most technologically advanced weapon on the
battlefield, witness how just one of these awesome weapons can destroy
three Zeon Zakus with ease! Do you want to pilot Gundam? You can, in the
Earth Federation Space Forces! Join now!"

  What I mean is, the Feds could have used the Gundam for propoganda
without actually making a hero of its pilot or the WB crew. Kinda like
pumping up the P-51 (WWII) or Tomahawk Cruise Missiles and Stealth
Fighters (Desert Shield). A matter of fact, after Desert Shield, does
ANYONE remember any of the pilot's names? No, but names like "Tomahawk",
"Stealth Fighter", and "Thunderbolt" are permanently engraved on the
American consciousness because of it.

> 0080, and in Z Gundam, Emma recalls meeting Amuro two years prior and
> _not knowing who he was_. She says she only found out recently who he was
> and what he did in the war. If Amuro had been hailed as a national hero,
> don't you think people would logically recognize his face?

  I can think of many reasons why the Fed would want to hide the fact that
a punk kid survived in their most powerful weapon for several months,
fighting off the Zeons with almost no official help from the government!
It's would almost be like pumping up a guerrila or terrorist as a
national hero, it just doesn't happen.

> The one glitch in my theory, as Julie points out, is the mass-produced
> toy Haro that chants "Hello Bright, hello Amuro." Is this a continuity
> glitch, or is there some complex explanation for the apparent contradiction?

  Weird. Could just be a 'gag'. After all, the only way a big company
would mass-produce robots based on Amuro's Haro would be if Amuro acheived
"Cult Hero" status in the Federation, to the extent of the Spice-Girls or
a Japanese Idol-singer! Then I could see people trying to dress and have
a haircut like him or something, and some company picking up the rights to
produce his favorite toy. "Play with the ball that the Scourge of Zeon
played with while battling it out in his Gundam!"
  Unfortunately, from what we've heard and seen this could not have been
the case, so Haro remains a bit of a mystery.


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