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>What they did to GW in the Philippines is a fairly decent attempt. But
>then I never really liked GW as a series to begin with (in both its
>original and dubbed forms). That's not to say it's bad (far from it). It
>just doesn't have the depth and feel of the original series (don't ask
>me to define this, I haven't a concrete clue myself).

        Well, the fact is that the character designs for the original series were
pretty damn good, and the way the characters were fleshed out in their
roles were more for feature-type animation rather than series animation. I
mean, Amuro has more complexity than all the g-boys put together, since the
g-boys hew closely to the sentai stereotypes.

>It's still the Amuro-Char story arc (from 0079 to CCA) that remains to
>be equalled in Gundam.

        How very true, but you see, theirs was a difference which extended through
all aspects of life, and yet in the end, it was over Lalah. HOw very

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