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>Actually, now that you mention it, the spams from the free e-mail
>hasn't been that bad as of late, so that was probably a bad idea (an
>reaction more or less)... But in the from field, it sure seems that
>spammers are coming from those free services

The trick is to look at the message-id line. That shows you where the
is really coming from. Most of these spammers are using Juno and Hotmail
addresses as dropboxes since they know the service is going to cancel the

accounts as soon as someone complains about the spam. The trick is to
punish the people who are sponsoring the spammers to advertise their
Punish the webpage owners and the spammers get hurt from a lack of

>That's what I was probably annoyed at more than anything else, off
>continential servers than anything else. I feel that European servers
>to be the greatest offender of this...

I'm looking at it from the viewpoint of being a newsgroup moderator. We
get, on
average 5 spams every 12 hours. Out these 5 spams, 3 will be from either
Taiwanese or Chinese service (some of which actually have the nerve to be
encoded in Chinese or Taiwanese fonts), 1 from an European site, and 1
American idiots who don't realize that most American sites have very
policies against spamming.

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