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>Dafydd writes,
>>Using the classic doubly-tangent Hohmann minimum-energy transfer orbit, it
>>takes almost exactly 72 hours (3 days) to get from Earth orbit to Lunar
>>orbit. In the Gundam universe, this means from Earth to the Moon, Luna II
>>(L3), L4 or L5.
> Right, and about two days going back (thanks, I assume, to gravity's
>helping hand).

You're thinking of Apollo 11 and the other non-landers, which did indeed
use the gravity-slingshot effect to speed up the return trip.

Those who use lift themselves by their bootstraps into lunar orbit and take
the old Lazy-S to Earth orbit are going to have the full 3-day jaunt ahead
of them.

>>Here it gets a bit tricky. L4 (Side 6) is in the same orbit as the Moon,
>>60 ahead (east) of it. L2 (Side 3) is 60,000 km on the other side of the
>>Moon from Earth. L4, Earth and Moon are equidistant from each other, but
>>as noted in previous posts the delta-V is vastly different. I estimate 60
>>hours (2.5 days) each way to get from Side 6 (Riah) to Side 3 (Zeon).
> I'd normally go for a rule-of-thumb estimate of two days, but I figure
>I'd cut them some slack - after all, it only takes about 16 hours for the
>Federation fleet to get from Solomon to the moon in 0083, though this is
>hardly what you'd call a minimum-energy orbit (since they expend all their
>propellant in the process). One assumes that, in case of emergency, you can
>cut your travel time at least a little through reckless fuel consumption.

I haven't seen the math on that 16-hour run, but it sounds damn close to a
1-g constant boost. How the heck would they decelerate at the end of the run?

I could see the Zeon attack force high-tailing it back to Granada on a
high-powered, narrow ballistic semi-ellipse. And Bernie only has to
simulate the end of a standard run from wherever Agua Verde calls home on
its manifest, so they could come in hot and fast and he'd decelerate all
the way to Bunch 35.

For that matter, Bernie's putative cargo could be perishables that warrant
a high-speed run and he could legitimately claim he made the Kessel Run in
under 8 parsecs....

> In the case of 0080, the first Zeon attack seems to come in the
>afternoon; by 3:30 PM of what appears to be the next day, Bernie's back at
>Granada and his video has been analyzed. That's just a twelve-hour time lag
>if the events are truly on consecutive days. Then the Graf Zepellin and its
>escorts launch from Granada at 11:00 PM, attack Revo, and smuggle Bernie
>and his cargo into the colony; Al comes across them in on what appears to
>be the following morning (a weekend, so this too would be about a
>twelve-hour time lag).
> By splicing in an extra day's travel time on both these occasions, we can
>give the Zeons a day and half to make the trip from Granada to Revo. That's
>less than you'd expect, but they _are_ in a hurry. ;-)
> One question: Wouldn't Bernie get a little tired of sitting in the same
>space suit for 36 hours straight?

No wonder the customs guy was so short with him -- Bernie was upwind of him!

Since the Powers That Be shot a hole in his windshield you could ram your
space-gloved fist through, all I can say is that Bernie had better have an
airlock between the cockpit and the crew quarters or it's going to be a
*LONG* trip!


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