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Note that it'll take them another decade to make one ^^

>> Yeah, it was so bad I couldn't stop from laughing! imagine,
>>became fitzkurk, and well, you've heard from my fellow filipino. I have to
>>admit though, that the translation, aside from the name changes are
>>actually fairly decent. at least they didin't try to give it Filipino
>>names for the Cities, etc., which has happened in other shows like
>What they did to GW in the Philippines is a fairly decent attempt. But
>then I never really liked GW as a series to begin with (in both its
>original and dubbed forms). That's not to say it's bad (far from it). It
>just doesn't have the depth and feel of the original series (don't ask
>me to define this, I haven't a concrete clue myself).
>It's still the Amuro-Char story arc (from 0079 to CCA) that remains to
>be equalled in Gundam.
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