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Wed, 24 Mar 1999 11:24:22 +0800

> Yeah, it was so bad I couldn't stop from laughing! imagine, peacecraft
>became fitzkurk, and well, you've heard from my fellow filipino. I have to
>admit though, that the translation, aside from the name changes are
>actually fairly decent. at least they didin't try to give it Filipino
>names for the Cities, etc., which has happened in other shows like

What they did to GW in the Philippines is a fairly decent attempt. But
then I never really liked GW as a series to begin with (in both its
original and dubbed forms). That's not to say it's bad (far from it). It
just doesn't have the depth and feel of the original series (don't ask
me to define this, I haven't a concrete clue myself).

It's still the Amuro-Char story arc (from 0079 to CCA) that remains to
be equalled in Gundam.

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