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Wed, 24 Mar 1999 10:24:48 +0800

i'll tell u what name they call it when its out this saturday ...hahaa
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  geraldk wrote:

    hey i know to u guysit may mean nothing ...but as a person living in singaporeits wonderful that something like this can happen here in singapore. They are showing "wing gundam"... i was so shock ... the first episode is on channel 8 this coming saturday at 1pm... woah wat a leap for gundam anime here ...*gasp* the first episode is 30 mins long.... probably dubbed in chinese ... chill

  If you think that was a shock, lemme tell you about what happened here in the Philippines. A channel is showing Gundam Wing every Monday to Friday 4:30-5:00 pm and it's on it's second run now, but the problem is they changed the mobile suit names and characters, like the Epyon becoming the Avian, Sandrock Gundam becoming Gundam The Desert, Treize Khushrenada becoming Treize Coslander or something...I think Richie will agree...

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