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Woo Lee writes,

>I think that its morst likely that they know OF Amuro, but not really on
>how he looks like..for example, if we see a world leader from some 3rd
>world country I doubt anyone would recognize them from sight...heck Who
>knows what the Senator from Alaska looks like?

  But on the other hand, war heroes have a pretty high recognition factor.
And the pilot of the legendary Gundam should be as well-known a figure as,
say, a general like Colin Powell, Norman Schwartzkopf, or Dwight
Eisenhower. Nonetheless, it appears that most people don't know Amuro's
name or face. Either he's become a deliberate recluse, the common people
were too stressed out to keep track, or he's been swept under the rug.

  And remember, this subject kicked off by noting that Camille has heard of
the famous newtype only through the underground press - he didn't learn it
from history books, capiche?

>The way I see it, its impossible for the people to not have HEARD of
>Amuro, esp since Bright seems to be a semi famous figure....

  But he's not. He's a downtrodden officer commanding a military personnel
transport, getting bullied and beaten up by Titans thugs. Camille appears
to be the only Bright Noah fan around.

  Circumstances seem to have changed by Char's Counterattack, when newtype
cultists like Quess long to be Amuro groupies. But even then, it's part of
an underground of anti-Federation, newtype-obsessive dissidents.

  Aside from the Haro toy and its pre-programmed burbling, there's no
indication that the names and exploits of the White Base crew are known to
anyone but anti-Federation rebels and newtype cultists. Doesn't that seem a
little peculiar?

-- Mark

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