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Eddie replies,

> > Incidentally, this page just added a gallery of MSV logos
> > <http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Spade/3862/p-date2/e.html>. I think
> > Probe will like the Screamin' Mantis emblem. :-)
> Awesome links. Do you have a translation for the explanation? I did
> not recognize some of the first ones on this page.

  Well, let's take a look. In order, we have...

* Garma Zabi's personal emblem
  From the left shoulder of Garma's custom MS-06Fs Zaku II.

* 29th Armored Company emblem
  As seen on an MS-07C-3 Gouf (the heavy European version). This company
  operated in northern France.

* 2nd Lieutenant Alfredina Lam's personal emblem
  As seen on his MS-06K Zaku Cannon.

* 4th Tactical Mobile Suit Wing emblem
  As seen on a YMS-09 Prototype Dom.

* MS-09 emblem

* Screamin' Mantis emblem
  As seen on an MS-07B Gouf.

* 55th TMSS [Tactical Mobile Suit Squadron?] emblem
  Emblem of a unit that used the MS-07B Gouf. The Egyptian god Anubis
  had been adopted as their base's "patron god."

* MS-09 emblem

* Captain Karmic Rom's personal emblem
  As seen on either an MS-06D Desert Zaku or YMS-09 Prototype Dom,
  depending on which source you believe. Originally the personal
  emblem of this veteran of the Middle Eastern front, later the unit
  emblem of the "Scorpio" raiding team.

* 1st Lieutenant Ian Greyden's personal emblem
  As seen on this ace's MS-06K Zaku Cannon

* 1st Lieutenant Marlo Gaim's personal emblem
  Gaim was originally stationed with the Southeast Asian flying corps
  "Siamese Fever," which later became a mobile suit force equipped with
  MS-06J Zakus and MS-07B Goufs. Gaim's personal emblem dates back to
  his days as an airplane pilot.

* Wing Lady emblem
  Used by the 3rd Terrestrial Attack Corps that carried out an invasion
  from the northern part of the Middle East through to Northern Europe.
  The same emblem was later seen in use by units in the south of France.

* Zaku Lady emblem
  Used by the "Blitz" company, a part of the aforementioned force that
  operated mainly in Southern Europe. Records indicate that the emblem
  wasn't used by all the company's members, but rather adopted on a
  team level.

* Home Defense Corps emblem
  As seen on the mobile suit of Lt. Colonel Eris Mansfield, a member of
  this force.

* Mobile Assault Force emblem
  Seldom used by the force as a whole, this came to be associated
  specifically with the Black Trinary.

* Granada 7th Division emblem
  Used on an MS-06R-1 stationed with Granada's 7th Division; the pilot's
  identity is unknown.

* Captain Shin Matsunaga's personal emblem
  Emblem of the "White Wolf of Solomon." The writer notes that, though
  the character of the Duchy of Zeon is mostly Caucasian, the drawing
  style here is quite Asian.

* Solomon Special Attack Corps emblem
  Used on both R-1 and E type Zakus of this special attack corps.

* Killer Bee emblem
  Seen on an MS-06D Desert Zaku.

* Karakal Corps emblem
  This four-leafed clover is the symbol of the African front's Karakal
  coprs (led by Roy Greenwood).

* Revenge of Ide emblem
  Seen on an MS-14C Gelgoog Cannon.

* Major Johnny Ridden's personal emblem
  This unicorn is the symbol of the famed Crimson Lightning.

* Naga III emblem
  Used by the Naga III submarine squadron. Equipped primarily with
  the MSM-03 Gog, this unit also had one MS-06M Zaku Marine Type.

* Red Dolphin Corps emblem
  Symbol of the "Red Dolphin Corps" led by Lt. Colonel Harmins, which
  participated in the Mediterranean landing operation. This unit had
  two MS-06M Zaku Marine Types, and otherwise relied on the MSM-03 Gog.

* Green Siren emblem
  Used by the "Green Siren" submarine squadron, which patrolled the South
  Atlantic. Unlike other submarine fleets, which tended to use the MSM-03
  Gog, this one was equipped with the MSM-07 Zugok. They also received one
  of the seven MS-06M Zaku Marine Types.

* Sea Serpent emblem
  Used by the "Sea Serpent" submarine squadron, commanded by Colonel
  Nelson. In addition to the usual MSM-03 Gogs, this unit had two
  prototype MS-06M Zaku Marine Types.

* MS-07 emblem

* MS-06J emblem

* MS-09 emblem

* MS-09 emblem

* 1st Lieutenant Cyrus Locke's personal emblem
  Used by Cyrus Locke, stationed with the 4th Terrestrial Mobile Division
  in Southeast Asia. Locke was well-known to the Federal Forces for
  his knack for destroying tanks, earning the nickname "Blue Tiger." This
  emblem was located on the arm of his MS-07B Gouf (or, the writer
  notes, possibly a YMS-07 Prototype Gouf). Locke went missing in
  action following a clash with Federation mobile suits, directly before
  the end of the war.

* MS-06V emblem

  Note: All ranks are listed in army terms. Just keeping y'all on your toes.

  If you like Walfisch's emblem gallery, you should also check out his Zeon
helmet gallery, at

-- Mark

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