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Mark Simmons (
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Dafydd writes,

>Using the classic doubly-tangent Hohmann minimum-energy transfer orbit, it
>takes almost exactly 72 hours (3 days) to get from Earth orbit to Lunar
>orbit. In the Gundam universe, this means from Earth to the Moon, Luna II
>(L3), L4 or L5.

  Right, and about two days going back (thanks, I assume, to gravity's
helping hand).

>Here it gets a bit tricky. L4 (Side 6) is in the same orbit as the Moon,
>60 ahead (east) of it. L2 (Side 3) is 60,000 km on the other side of the
>Moon from Earth. L4, Earth and Moon are equidistant from each other, but
>as noted in previous posts the delta-V is vastly different. I estimate 60
>hours (2.5 days) each way to get from Side 6 (Riah) to Side 3 (Zeon).

  I'd normally go for a rule-of-thumb estimate of two days, but I figure
I'd cut them some slack - after all, it only takes about 16 hours for the
Federation fleet to get from Solomon to the moon in 0083, though this is
hardly what you'd call a minimum-energy orbit (since they expend all their
propellant in the process). One assumes that, in case of emergency, you can
cut your travel time at least a little through reckless fuel consumption.

  In the case of 0080, the first Zeon attack seems to come in the
afternoon; by 3:30 PM of what appears to be the next day, Bernie's back at
Granada and his video has been analyzed. That's just a twelve-hour time lag
if the events are truly on consecutive days. Then the Graf Zepellin and its
escorts launch from Granada at 11:00 PM, attack Revo, and smuggle Bernie
and his cargo into the colony; Al comes across them in on what appears to
be the following morning (a weekend, so this too would be about a
twelve-hour time lag).

  By splicing in an extra day's travel time on both these occasions, we can
give the Zeons a day and half to make the trip from Granada to Revo. That's
less than you'd expect, but they _are_ in a hurry. ;-)

  One question: Wouldn't Bernie get a little tired of sitting in the same
space suit for 36 hours straight?

-- Mark

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