[gundam] Re: 0080 Timeline Inconsistencies

Dafydd Neal Dyar (ddyar@real.com)
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 10:49:41 -0800

On 23 March 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:

> Note that there's a substantial time lag between the Cyclops attack
> that fails to stop the shuttle launch (December 9, according to the
> Shindosha timeline) and the shuttle's arrival at Revo. This trip
> should take only three days, not five.

Using the classic doubly-tangent Hohmann minimum-energy transfer orbit, it
takes almost exactly 72 hours (3 days) to get from Earth orbit to Lunar
orbit. In the Gundam universe, this means from Earth to the Moon, Luna II
(L3), L4 or L5.

> I suggest that the first couple of events listed above can be moved
> forward a couple of days, allowing more time for Bernie's trip back
> to Granada and then back to Revo - a trip that should take more than
> a day each way, not the dozen or so hours allowed by the above
> timeline.

Here it gets a bit tricky. L4 (Side 6) is in the same orbit as the Moon,
60 ahead (east) of it. L2 (Side 3) is 60,000 km on the other side of the
Moon from Earth. L4, Earth and Moon are equidistant from each other, but
as noted in previous posts the delta-V is vastly different. I estimate 60
hours (2.5 days) each way to get from Side 6 (Riah) to Side 3 (Zeon).

> We can move the shuttle's arrival ahead to December 12,
> and the first Zeon attack to December 13, without distorting the
> story; if December 17 and 18 are the weekend, then December 12 would
> still be a school day, in accordance with episode 1.

That'll still work with the longer transit time, but Bernie's gonna have
world-class jet-lag, with most of his time (120 hours or 5 days) spent in


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