[OT] [gundam] Find Out What Spam holds for you!

Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 08:31:59 -0800

> Actually, this is the worst idea anyone has ever come up with. It would
> solve
> none of the problem, and just end up pissing off a lot of innocent
> people.

Actually, now that you mention it, the spams from the free e-mail services
hasn't been that bad as of late, so that was probably a bad idea (an angry
reaction more or less)... But in the from field, it sure seems that
spammers are coming from those free services

> The spam is coming from
> throwaway
> accounts based out of servers in Taiwan, China, Japan, and Europe. If you
> want to take your annoyance out on something, I suggest that you try
> these
> services first.

That's what I was probably annoyed at more than anything else, off
continential servers than anything else. I feel that European servers seem
to be the greatest offender of this...

Y. "Spam-eatin' fool" Choe

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