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>>>alot more popular than the Zak-I for crying out loud! I mean, WHO WANTS A
>>>ZAK-I? I'd rather have a Mastergrade BALL before I'd buy a Zak-I!
>>> -Probe
>>ah, dude, you better be careful what you say. It'd be best not to just jinx
>>the whole damn thing right now... I mean, the way I look at it there's at
>>least 5 more MG kits that must surface eventually:
>Zaku Cannon
>Desert Zaku
>Recon Zaku
>Recon Zaku II (Zaku Flipper)
>Zaku Tank (hey! We'll get a MG Magella Attack Tank out of this too!!!)

        Knowing the way things are going, they're gonna issue the kits which have
similar body types to those which have been released/have existing molds
for. Expect B-club to come out with the special parts stuff.
        I would seriously want to see a desert Zaku, though...specially if it has
the side cannon mount on the left hip. Yah know, I think it could have
been better to all concerned if they'd come out with slightly more
expensive kits.

>>Unit three. (how could they NOT do a unit three? I just don't see it.)
>Once they do it, they'll have to answer to complaints of "where is the

        aye...for that, they should just come out with an assembly manual for how
to do it in wood! har! like the OLD kits!
        Seriously, though, that is the big problem of unit three, the arms would
be useless as features (their being extendible...which I think is the basis
for the Nataku and Virsago) unless they have something to extend
to...unless they come up with a better reason for us to buy it, like MORE
WEAPONS. I was so disappointed with the GP01/Fb.

>>Alex. (Well, it'd be pretty cool with the extra armor plating, along with
>>the kick-ass minigun...)

        Aye, that would be good. I'd like a Zaku-FZ version as well.

>>Dom. (must... have... dom...)
>Ya know, fan expectation has been in the pressure cooker for so long, I bet
>you no matter when it comes out it WILL disappoint. "What? Bandai took
>THIS long and THIS is all we get?!"

        Jeez. That's true...if they don't put great internal articulation on the
legs and maybe the body, it will suck donkeys. also, I'd like for it to
have more than just the bazooka, thank you...

>>Kampfer. (come on, this one had the biggest array of weapons I've ever

        Sheesh. It'll never happen...if it does, it'll probably be damn
expensive...half the box would be sprue frames with weapon parts on it...

>>and of course, a goof. er uh... I meant gouf. (cause you all know you want

        I want a FLight gouf version as well...I'd like to see how that big gun
translates to 1/100 terms..they might have to design new elbow braces for it.

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