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>>>This will be pretty interesting. The Zak-I seems like total nostalgia
>>Excuse me? I thought that's what the MG line was all about. Otherwise
>>they would have released MG Gundam X, X-DV, XX, Airmaster, Wing... and
>>even Turn A!

        I'm sure that if that tack doesn't work, those kits will eventually be out
as MG's. Also, there have been very good HG's or even non-HG 1/100 kits
(like the NU). It is a shame that most of those will probably never be MGs.

>Updated nostalgia was what the MG STOOD for, early on, to me. Giving
>the RX-78 and Zaku a new look, but still recognizable. Katoki's take
>on the Zeta is another example, and the 0083 MG kits were not exactly
>But now it just seems a matter of making MG versions of the anime
>designs, or the original 70's and 80's 1/100 kits. Less updating,
>less suprises. It narrows the market.

        Actually it makes sense in a twisted way...think of it as trying to hook
oldies with insatiable kit appetites, and also hooking some of the younger
retro afcicionados who hate the old kits.

>>>I think there's going to be a pretty big backlash on this
>>>one with the younger MG audience, especially after Bandai refused to
>>>put out a seperate MG G-defensor kit for those people who bought the

        Yah, they are getting a bit annoying about that..I'm using my extra rx178
as a test bed for some bashing.

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