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>>Another topic to flare up the old mailing list. Oscars in UC universe...
>1. Most dramatic use of a Gundam in a feature film:
> Amuro Rey, using the Nu Gundam to push the Axis away from earth

        Hands down, no crapola truly an armageddon moment.

>2. Shortest term as a Gundam Pilot in a feature film:
> Keyra Su, in the ReGZ

        actually, we should give it as a mass award to all the gm and zaku pilots
that get mercilessly killed...

>4. Most dramatic foreshadowing in a television episode:
> Char's wrecked Hiyaki Shiki floating at the end of Z Gundam

        Actually, we should include a Looks Like Char the Most award too:

>6. Most disappointing performance of a mobile armor in a feature film:
> Quess Paraya in the Alpha Aziel

        Who was also a shoo-in for most annoying character in a gundam series,
despite competition from Relena of GW.

>7. Most realistic portrayal of the tragedy of Mobile suit warfare:
> The scene in F91 where an innocent mother dies instantly when
> she's hit on the head by an shell casing jettisoned from an F71
> autocannon.

        Yeah, i saw that, and it was perfectly senseless..which brought home the
impact of war even more...also the scenes where MS wrfare was done in the
urban areas...MS's landing on buildings and crushing the people in
it...there was some satisfaction in seeing an MS pilot gunned down as he
emerged from his downed MS.

>8. Most interesting love triangle prematurely ended in a television
> Char, Amuro, and Lala Sun

        yah, talk about love triangle from beyond the grave. Admittedly, Lalah is
a bit spectacular for a ghostie.

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