Re: [gundam] Amuro's secret?

Mark Simmons (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 03:47:55 -0800

Eddie writes,

>If everybody knows who Amuro is (witness references to him in other series,
>such as 0080) it doesn't seem likely that the Feds would be able to cover
>things up this completely.

  But they don't, do they? I don't believe he's mentioned by name in
0080, and in Z Gundam, Emma recalls meeting Amuro two years prior and
_not knowing who he was_. She says she only found out recently who he was
and what he did in the war. If Amuro had been hailed as a national hero,
don't you think people would logically recognize his face?

  The one glitch in my theory, as Julie points out, is the mass-produced
toy Haro that chants "Hello Bright, hello Amuro." Is this a continuity
glitch, or is there some complex explanation for the apparent contradiction?

-- Mark

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