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On Sun, 21 Mar 1999 21:11:23 -0800 "Y. Choe" <> writes:
>> Is it my imagination or did someone sold the Gundam Mailing list
>> to an advertisement list?
>(as I have several mail addresses, and I know for the fact that
>don't like em at all). However, spam COMING FROM THE MEMBERS
>THEMSELVES are another concern.

That is exactly the problem that we are facing now. Somehow or another,
several spammers have managed to subscribe themselves to this mailing
list. That is why we have suddenly been getting a string of one or two
spams to several different message threads. The list has also managed to
get itself on several spam mailinglists. The same thing happened to the
Moderator's Mailinglists a while back. The way to solve this list's
is the same way our's was solved. The mailing list should be set to
only messages from mailinglist members, and it should be set to only
accept messages that are addressed to the list in either the To: line or
CC: line. Anything else should be bounced. The second solution should be
relatively easy. The first one will be a bit harder because the current
list would have to screened and have all of the dead accounts and
accounts deleted. The quickest, easiest way to do this would be for the
owner to send a short form letter to everyone on the list that basically

You are currently listed as being a subscriber to the Gundam Mailing
List. We
are undergoing revamping of our membership list. If you wish to remain a
member of this list, please respond to this letter within 4 days. If you
do not
respond within 4 days, you will be automatically deleted from the
list and will have to resubscribe. If you do not know how to resubscribe,
write me back with your request, and I will send you instructions on how
subscribe to the Gundam Mailing List. Thank You.

>IF I were David (admin of list), I would considering blocking all free
>e-mail portals (hotmail,, geo$c$ities,, etc.) as they
>to be the new source of most of these spams... But then again, that's

Actually, this is the worst idea anyone has ever come up with. It would
none of the problem, and just end up pissing off a lot of innocent
Just so that you know, the majority of spam rarely comes from the "free"
services anyway. Almost all of them have very stronge policies against
people spam from their accounts, and GeoCities even goes so far as
you from sending mail through them if you aren't a member on their
and if you don't download your mail first. The spam is coming from
accounts based out of servers in Taiwan, China, Japan, and Europe. If you
want to take your annoyance out on something, I suggest that you try
services first.

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