Re: [gundam] ...and next MG is...!

Edward Ju (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 01:18:01 -0800

>This will be pretty interesting. The Zak-I seems like total nostalgia

Excuse me? I thought that's what the MG line was all about. Otherwise
they would have released MG Gundam X, X-DV, XX, Airmaster, Wing... and
even Turn A!

>I think there's going to be a pretty big backlash on this
>one with the younger MG audience, especially after Bandai refused to
>put out a seperate MG G-defensor kit for those people who bought the

Maybe they did have an exchange for credit program in Japan, but obviously
that offer is not made to gaijins. ;)

>There must be some kind of logic to all these odd MG releases
>...yes, money has a great deal to do with it, but for a huge merchan-
>dising line like the MG kits, it has been less than predictable
>compared to most of the other Gundam lines in Bandai's history.
>Bandai seems to be playing way safe with their MG releases right now,
>which tells me there could be some trouble for future releases.

If the Zeta MG did lose money as someone claimed, what we're seeing now
makes total sense. You get burned releasing cool, innovative MG kits,
you won't play fire again for a while.

>Just the fact we have not seen the MG ZZ or MG GP03 by now is not a
>good sign.

Well, if you remember all the "conversions" from pictures of last year's
trade show in Japan, both the GM and the MS-05 Zaku were in display, so
their being made into MG kits shouldn't be any suprise. Now the only
"conversion" that hasn't been announced as a MG kit would be that Gelgoog
variant with the bigass shoulders from ZZ... what was it called again?
It was the MS-14J.


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