Re: [gundam] ...and next MG is...!

Edward Ju (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 01:03:42 -0800

>>alot more popular than the Zak-I for crying out loud! I mean, WHO WANTS A
>>ZAK-I? I'd rather have a Mastergrade BALL before I'd buy a Zak-I!
>> -Probe
>ah, dude, you better be careful what you say. It'd be best not to just jinx
>the whole damn thing right now... I mean, the way I look at it there's at
>least 5 more MG kits that must surface eventually:

Hehehe, and I thought nobody would want a MG Ball! He must wanted one
real bad. Me, I'll be happy if Bandai keeps cranking out Zaku variants
from the MSV series. There are so many cool Zakus, to name a few:

Zaku Cannon
Desert Zaku
Recon Zaku
Recon Zaku II (Zaku Flipper)
Zaku Tank (hey! We'll get a MG Magella Attack Tank out of this too!!!)

>Unit three. (how could they NOT do a unit three? I just don't see it.)

Once they do it, they'll have to answer to complaints of "where is the

>Alex. (Well, it'd be pretty cool with the extra armor plating, along with
>the kick-ass minigun...)

I don't need no 0080 MG kits...

>Dom. (must... have... dom...)

Ya know, fan expectation has been in the pressure cooker for so long, I bet
you no matter when it comes out it WILL disappoint. "What? Bandai took
THIS long and THIS is all we get?!"

>Kampfer. (come on, this one had the biggest array of weapons I've ever

Useless toys that didn't get the job done...

>and of course, a goof. er uh... I meant gouf. (cause you all know you want


>If they want to bring out a MG Zaku variation or a Gelgoog variation or even
>a black Gundam Mark II, that'd be fine..

Black Gundam Mk II?! The Titans version was released simultaneously with
the AEUG (white) version. Hello?

>but I hope we get MG kits of the
>ones I listed above... I think it's pretty likely for at least the dom and

I think I'd rather see a MG GP-04 kit instead... a GP-03 Stamen alone feels


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