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>>>A GM pilot?
>>>-->So how does it feel fighting in a war where only Gundam pilots get
>>>the credit?
>Never saw "the cockpit" but this would be a great idea. Each movie gets
>acquainted with the main guy, some you like some you don't like, and
>they get blown up! It would definitely capture the nuttiness of war,
>for sure. And there's be more main character deaths than Zeta Gundam,

Or better yet, how about a Quentin Tarantino style movie, where you start
with the battle at A Bao A Qu where you see several MS (Zaku, Rik Dom,
Gelgoogs, and GMs) battling it out. During the course of the combat, all
of the
Zionic pilots are killed, and half of the GM pilots are also killed. Then
we flash
back to several days before this epic battle, where we are introduced to
each of
these pilots. We meet the rookie GM platoon (led by a veteran of the
Battle) about to embark on thier first and, for some, last battle. We see
one of these pilots harbors the secret that he came from Side 3. We meet
Rik Dom pilot haunted by the deaths of his entire squad at Solomon Island
is forced to lead a squad of teenage Zaku pilots in a final battle to
save his Duchy
of Zion. One of the Zaku pilots he leads hides the secrets that his
brother joined
the Federation pilot corps after Operation British, and that his sister
is also a pilot
in his squad. We also meet the bitter and slightly mad Gelgoog test pilot
after participating in the opening battles of the 1YW had been forced to
sit out
battle after battle as his friends and family went out to fight and die,
is given
command of a wing of teenage Zaku pilots.
After we are introduced to these people and see their various
backgrounds, we
are thrown into the Battle of A Bao A Qu where we see the final act in
many of
their lives. The various Zaku squads are chewed up by the rookie GMs,
the veteran GM pilot and Gelgoog pilot refight a battle both were forced
to retreat
from earlier in the war. During the course of the huge dogfight, the 3
discover their relationship, just as the Gelgoog pilot decides to get
another kill.
Following the brutal death of their brother, the two remaining siblings
try to kill
their wing commander and their platoon leader as revenge, but in the
they themselves get killed by the surviving members of their brother's

If it wasn't for the fact that the name is already taken, I would call
Gundam 0079: The War in a Pocket.

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