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Edward Ju (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 00:35:31 -0800

>On Mon, 22 Mar 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:
>> All I can say is that I've always wanted an MG Zaku I, and I'm glad
>> Bandai's doing one. And yes, it's less trouble than doing any more GMs, in
>Well to each his own, if you like it than all power to your money. But
>there are people who just compulsively buy up anything that they pump out.
>Look at the Hello Kitty junks, if the fans are indiscriminate with their
>money, then why should the designer and manufacturer innovate?

Well, I'll admit to being a compulsive/indiscriminate buyer when it comes
to Gundam. Almost. And there are enough of us out there to make sure
Bandai stays in business, unless they seriously drop the ball in terms of

>Remember according to Capitalism/Darwinism, progress is driven not by
>success but by failures (or at least fear of failures). Infinite Zaku and
>Gelgoog variations is not a formula for artistic excellence, but a formula
>for financial survival. And if it keeps working for Bandai, we will NEVER
>EVER see the Dom.

Who ever said Bandai's in it for artistic endeavers?! It's a toy company,
fer crying out loud. And military kit companies such as Hasegawa and
Tamiya have been recycling molds worse than you can imagine. This is a
business, and you should be thanking your lucky star that Bandai's pushing
the envelope with the MG and PG series instead of sitting on their asses.
If it weren't for them, mecha model kits will still be in the dark ages
like the 1/72 scale Valkyrie kits I mentioned in an earlier post. And
those were considered cutting edge, state of the art less than 20 years

>Also don't forget that for a paltry 800 Yens, you can get a pretty decent
>direct scale-down of the MG Zaku in the 1/144 08MST Zaku.

Only in looks...

>So: I guess
>there's no mobility in the waist and the wrists of PG Zaku?

See my 3/18/99 posts regarding the April issues of HJ & Dengeki Hobby.


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