[gundam] BIG OT: Macross models

Mark Kuettner (mkuett@hotmail.com)
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 00:26:38 PST

while I was at it I also ordered a VF-1S for a friend and a
>>VF-1D. They might be awful, but you know, they were the only ones I
saw that
>>transformed that weren't Resin kits. (I don't think I'm nearly good
>>to put one together... YF-19 perfect variable anyone? That and I don't
>>the $$$ for resin kits.)
>Have you ever tried Bandai's 1/100 scale kits? Those should be at
>marginally better than the 1/72 scale ones, which was molded by Imai
>back in the early 80s.

Actually, the non-transforming 1/72 Battroids that just got rereleased
by Bandai look as good if not better than the 1/100 transforming
valkyries in battroid mode, IMO. I would think it would be a good idea
by Bandai to put out a souped-up 1/72 valkyrie kit with current
model technology; maybe a line consisting of the VF-1S, YF-19 and
something from 7?

Mark Kai
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