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Edward Ju (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 00:23:50 -0800

>On Mon, 22 Mar 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
>> > created the MG which ruled, but now they want to burn us out on them
>> Typical Bandai really... they ALWAYS beat a horse to death if they think
>> they can get away with it!
>Well, why should they get away with it? I think we should vote with our

And vote you should! Since the Zeta MG has been said to be a financial
loser for Bandai, have you seen a Zeta MG variant, such as the Zeta Plus?
Certainly not, although I wish Bandai would make it...

>I can't imagine any Gundam fans listing Zaku I on top of their
>wish list.

I believe a resin conversion kit was made. It must have sold enough to
convince Bandai that a plastic injection version will make money, since
we still haven't seen resin conversion cross-overs of the RX-78-1 Prototype
Gundam or the MS-06F Zaku II Minelayer as MG kits yet.

>And what kind of new gimmicks can they put on Zaku I that the
>Zaku II's don't have? Perhaps a heat-progressive-knife, a heat-trident, a
>heat-mace? Or a heat-bow-and-arrows?

The Zaku I does have its own machine gun, which I found more stylish than
the standard issue 120mm ones the Zaku II uses. Basically the drum is
shifted 90 degrees to the side, and some other minor differences.

>And they have to waste energy in this kind of things too.

If I were a Bandai executive, there's no waste - I am saving time in
developing a new kit and maximizing the utilization of sunken cost
associated with molds that are already created.

>Sure the parts
>are mostly the same, but they have to write up the manual, do a new box
>art, marketing, distribution, accounting.

What marketing? Hobby Japan advertises Bandai kits for free. ;)

>I suspect they have to sell
>quite a few to break even. Perhaps if they lose money over the Zaku I,
>somehow it will encourage them to get on with MG Dom.

Don't hold your breath. I heard quite a few on the GML already died from
doing so. 8D


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