[gundam] Amuro's secret?

Mark Simmons (scorpio@best.com)
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 21:36:56 -0800

I'd just written a nice long message on this, then my mail program
crashed and I lost it. But I'll jot down a quick recap, for Probe's sake
if nothing else.

  The subject: A line from Camille in episode 3 of Z Gundam. In
mid-debriefing by the AEUG leadership, he mentions that he knows the name
of the newtype Amuro Ray from the underground press. The AEUG are briefly
incredulous that there's an underground on Green Oasis (Camille responds
that it wasn't always a military colony), but there are two things that
occur to me...

* Camille was already an anti-government sympathizer.

* The only way to find out about Amuro is in the UC equivalent of
Ramparts. Say what?

On reflection, this indication that Amuro's story has been officially
suppressed seems rather plausible. Note that Camille is also the only
person who shows up to see ex-White Base captain Bright pilot his grubby
little shuttle into Green Oasis's dock - presumably he read about him in
the same underground publications. Ditto Bertochika and her Amuro
fixation. And, perhaps, this explains Amuro's condition of house arrest -
he's a war hero whose exploits have been swept under the carpet.

  Obviously, the Federation can't whitewash the White Base and the
Gundam, especially after getting so much PR mileage out of them during
the war. But now that I think about it, it appears they pretty
effectively erased the crew. You may speculate as to the reasons:
Official denial of the newtype phenomenon? An effort to cover up the
disgrace of compelling teenagers to fight their way through enemy
territory, sans reinforcements or training? One does wonder.

  But at any rate, I don't think it's going to far to posit that the
identities, exploits, and newtype capabilities of the White Base crew
have been covered up by the government and thus passed into the stuff of
anti-establishment legend...

-- Mark

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