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>> while I'm at it...I was wondering if anyone can tell me the differences
>> between when the original Gundam series and the follow-ups aired?
>> many years had passed, etc.?
>well, most of the information you want can be found at -
>there's a huge section there with a timeline and detailed description of the
>world. Basically though, there was gundam, and in chronological (that would
>be the universal century timeline) order, there was MS gundam, gundam 0080,
>gundam 0083, Zeta Gundam, Gundam double Zeta, Char's counterattack, Gundam
>F91, and then V Gundam. (I think that's it, not including the numerous side
>stories out there.)

I think he was asking about the actual shows, not the stories.

The answers to both questions can be found at the Gundam Project:

Briefly, though, it goes like this:

Gundam (43 eps) = 1979.04~1980.01
Gundam the Movie I = 1981.03
Gundam the Movie II = 1981.07
Gundam the Movie III = 1982.03
Z Gundam (50 eps) = 1985.03~1986.02
Gundam ZZ (47 eps) = 1986.03~1987.01
Char's Counterattack = 1988.03
Gundam 0080 (6 eps) = 1989.03~1989.08
Gundam F91 = 1991.03
Gundam 0083 (13 eps) = 1991.05~1992.09
Gundam 0083 the Movie = 1992.08
V Gundam (51 eps) = 1993.04~1994.03
G Gundam (49 eps) = 1994.04~1995.03
Gundam W (49 eps) = 1995.04~1996.03
08th MS Team (12 eps) = 1996.01~present
Gundam X (35 eps ) = 1996.04~1996.12
Endless Waltz (3 eps) = 1997.01~1997.07
Endless Waltz Movie = 1998.08
Turn-A Gundam (? eps) = 1999.04~?

As you can see, it was about a year between the first series and the first
compilation movie, another year for all three compilation movies, then
three more years before Z, which led directly into ZZ. ZZ was followed by
Dragonar and there was no new Gundam for another year, when the first
original Gundam movie, CCA, was released. Another year to the 10th
anniversary of Gundam, celebrated by the first OVA, Gundam 0080. Two years
without a Gundam, then Gundam F91 and Gundam 0083 were released almost
simultaneous, with the first ep of 0083 bundled with F91 as the "G+G Unit"
promotion. Another year between 0083 and V, then the annual Gundam parade
begins, with V leading into G (the 15th anniversary of Gundam), G leading
to W, and W into X, where everything would've stalled again had it not been
for 08th MS Team and Endless Waltz.

Now comes the 20th anniversary and the new series in the traditional timeframe.


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